Past Stories

2018 – Finding Joy

My Adventure of the Year – Hip Surgery- Who Knew It Would Be This Much Fun

The Year of “Hands-On” Living

Why I Entered a Dragon Boat Race

Butterflies and Future Joy

Love, Defined, in Six Words

Walter’s Story–and Being Challenged by a Simple Gesture

The Return of Beasley

Getting Rid of the Gunk in My Life

The Thank You Stair Climb Challenge

Getting Out of the Boat….. Again

2017 – The New Journey

Crazy Coincidences or God’s Plan—You Decide

Bringing the Picture to Life

Creating Love….. No Machines Needed….. Just Fleeting Moments of Time

A Glimpse into a Week of Chaos—and Laughter

What Building a Tepee Taught me About Useless Dead Spaces in My Heart

How to Battle Fear

Being Intentionally Spontaneous

Dark or Bright–What Kind of Star Do You Want to Be?

Killing the Cockroach of Fear

The Challenge of Stillness

Being Thankful for Endings that Turn into Beginnings

Reflections on a Duct-Taped Christmas Tree

2016 – The Road to Recovery

A New Year and A New Beginning

Sleeping at the Waldorf Astoria

The First Chapter—Filling Rooms with Love and Laughter

Making Plans—Lessons Learned from a Big Box

Surviving an Emotional Whammy by Becoming Ms. May

Memorable Words..about Great Legs…and Making a Difference in Life

Solving Life’s Big Problems….. One Small Bag of Sand at a Time

Standing at Crossroads….. and Trying to Make the Right Choice

When Life Gives You a Hole in the Hedge, You …..

What’s Your Tagline

Red Cup Turkey and the Gift of Tradition

Lessons Learned from a Brightly Burning 5th Candle

2015 – From Joy to Heartbreak  

Nana’s Rule #4… Make Your Life a Story Worth Telling

And the Word of the Year Is

The Challenges of Re-entering the Dating World When You are Older

The Decade of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Lessons Learned from the Original BFF

The Joy of Bump-a-Dee Bumps or, Nana’s Rule #10….. Your Attitude is Your Choice

And the Princess Said Yes

Living Proof That Age is Merely an Number

The Joys of Lingering

If These Walls Could Talk

Let the New Chapter Begin

Four Weeks Later….. Looking for Joy

 2014 – The Joys of Grandchildren and Recovering Faith

 The Goodbye Dance

Scissors, Glue, and Red Paper

The First Sleepover

Refrigerator Art

The Apple Does not Fall Far From the Tree

The Story Behind Nana’s Rule #6—Do the Right Thing

Nana Tries to Avoid a Visit from DFACS

From Ashes to Joy

Nana’s Rule #9 – Go Outside and Play

In the Meantime…. What Do You Do When Your Life is Stuck in the Wrong Place

A Tale of Two Cities….. Both Built With Love

Christmas. Bling and Girls Night Out

2013 – Creating a New Life

Faith and Joy – Happy New Year 2013

To Chat or Not to Chat—That is the Question

The Big Chicken

Being Restored

Beginning Year 62 and Creating an Art Masterpiece

Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Nana’s Rules

Reflections – One Year Later

Using the Wrong Faith Tool

The Gentleman Caller with Smiling Eyes

Always Wear Lipstick

Gratitude and Nana’s Rule #2


2012 – Beginnings

The Car Seat

Smoke Alarms and Grills

Beer Can Chicken

A New Chapter

Two Monkeys…. Three Sheets….. What’s A Girl to Do?

Goodbye Sean Connery

To Walk on Water, You Gotta First Get Out of the Boat

North Georgia Mountain Adventures

Silver Linings and My Little Corner of the World

The Joys of Nana Days

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