Past Stories

Below are some of my personal favorites….the top ten in my heart… a mixture of stories where faith, courage, and joy made a difference in my life……

I also have included stories about Beasley and Mr. Lion… who have allowed me to view life through the lens of humor…..

Top Ten Stories (Links found below the pictures)

August 2012 – Beer Can Chicken

May 2015 – Lessons Learned from the Original BFF

May 2016- Memorable Words….. about Great Legs….. and Making a Difference in Life

July 2016 – Solving Life’s Big Problems….. One Small Bag of Sand at a Time

September 2016 – When Life Gives You a Hole in the Hedge, You…..

June 2017 – How to Battle Fear

December 2017 – Reflections on a Duct-Taped Christmas Tree

May 2018 – Love, Defined, in Six Words

June 2018 – Walter’s Story–and Being Challenged by a Simple Gesture

October 2018 – Getting Out of the Boat ….. Again

Beasley and Mr. Lion.. a brief explanation…..

2018-12-17 04 (Medium)

After my divorce in 2009, I decided to reinvent myself and look for adventure. In the process, I took 3 trips by myself to Europe. And I do mean – BY. MY. SELF. No tours …. No group travel.

To reassure my family I was alive at the end of each day, I created a travel blog in which I posted pictures and stories nightly about my outings. To prevent boredom from setting in, I added character (or, a character depending on your view) by including pictures of me and my traveling companion—a small stuffed bunny I named Beasley.

12 10 trevari foundation (large) 02

I had no idea as what I was getting into. Turns out Beasley was a people magnet and he made friends in Europe as well as at home.

Once my European travels were over, Beasley was banished to a shelf on my bookcase—watching life go by. In 2018, My granddaughter felt sorry for him and gave me a small stuffed animal to sit next to him—fondly known as Mr. Lion.

I am not sure where Mr. Lion came from but I think he must have had a hard life. His hair is straggly and his eyes are attached in a lopsided manner but he has a wonderful smile and I think he has a sense of humor.

01 10 (Medium)

Beasley and Mr. Lion are now a part of my story…. They remind me of the importance of going on adventures as well as the importance of NOT settling for less when I am capable of doing and experiencing more … whether it be in my professional life or my personal life.

May their stories remind you of the same thing …..

July 2018 – The Return of Beasley

December 2018 – Unwrapping the Best Christmas Gift

Pictures from Beasley’s European Adventures

2010 – England

2011- Paris

2012- Italy






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