Past Stories

Adventures of Online Dating

Tell the World Who You Are – In 3 Photos or Less – The Joys of Online Dating

140 Characters or Less??? – Part Two: The Joys of Online Dating

What You Really Need to Know about the First Week of Online Dating – Tips and Other Thoughts

Online Dating Part Four – The Benefits of Seeing Others with an Open Heart

Finding the Courage to Own Your Story

Stories to Make You Smile

Sometimes You Have to Laugh after You Scream

Solving Life’s Problems… One Small Bag of Sand at a Time

What Building A TeePee Taught Me about Useless Dead Spaces in My Heart


Love, Defined, In Six Words

Walter’s Story.. and Being Challenged by a Simple Gesture

Reflections on a Duct-Taped Christmas Tree

And Last but Not Least…… Beasley and Mr. Lion.. 

Beasley and Mr. Lion are part of my story…. They remind me of the importance of going on adventures as well as the importance of NOT settling for less when I am capable of doing and experiencing more … whether it be in my professional life or my personal life.

May their stories remind you of the same thing …..

July 2018 – The Return of Beasley

December 2018 – Unwrapping the Best Christmas Gift

May 2019 – Beasley and Mr. Lion Touch My Heart – Again 





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