Meet Janet

Do you occasionally find yourself thinking “This is NOT the life I was to live! What happened to me?”

I understand that feeling.

In 2009 I found myself in a situation I never expected. After 35 years of marriage, I joined other women who checked the “D” for “Divorced” box when filling out forms. The divorce was something I did not want but we do not always get what we want. My life crumbled and although I appeared on the outside to be the same smiley blonde person, on the inside I was shattered into a million pieces.

After some time, I decided to pick those pieces up and put them back together…but to build something new with them.  A life principle of being willing to “step out of the boat” … to be willing to find ways to amaze myself and to live life with joy based on faith… this principle became my guiding light.

Since then, there have been good days and less-than-good days. The good days include becoming a Nana to two wonderful grandchildren. The good days also included starting this blog, Faith and Courage: The Joys of an Ordinary Life.

The less-than-good days included falling in love and getting engaged in 2015 to my Gentleman Caller with Smiling Eyes. But four weeks after we moved into our new home, he abruptly discarded me and moved to another state, leaving me abandoned in a half-empty house with a broken heart.

What I now know and what the last seven years have taught me…..

When faith and courage collide….. joy is created.

But to get joy….. they must collide. They must exist together at the same time and bind to each other.

One without the other leads to a life where your days will be average and ho-hum. The joy created from their collision is different from all other. It is a joy that defies explanation.

It is a joy you can find also.

If you can learn how to do that—if you can live a very ordinary life where faith and courage live in the same house at the same time, then your life will change and you will have answers to the “What happened to me?” and “What am I going to do now?” questions. 

I am glad you are here.  Please join me as we find joy together.


June 2016