Getting Out of the Boat….. Again

2018-10-28 05

Almost six years ago, on November 16, 2012, I posted a story dear to my heart – “To Walk on Water You Gotta First Get Out of the Boat”—in which I shared a photograph of my mother, my brother, and me taken 58 years ago in Canada. We stopped at a roadside stand selling small wooden boats and purchased 2 of them. In the picture, my mother is holding one of the boats in her hand.

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Why I Entered a Dragon Boat Race

Have you ever been asked a question that stopped you in your tracks? That made you go “Hmmm?”

Last month’s story, The Year of “Hands On” Living, was about my decision to live this year “Hands-On” ….. where I would be willing to make a greater effort to be truly involved with life… not just sitting back and watching …..but to be willing to take chances and make a few messes….. and maybe, in the process, to share my heart with those around me.

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Killing the Cockroach of Fear

Now that my grandson has begun kindergarten, Nana-Days have changed to Nana-Afternoons. I pick him up at his bus-stop at 2:40 PM—we scurry to my house—play, read, have dinner—then I zip him home by 7 PM for his family time. It is a bit hectic but it is still treasured time.

Recently I picked him up for our Nana-Afternoon and when he got off the bus, the conversation went like this: (GS = Grandson; N = Nana).

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When Life Gives You a Hole in the Hedge, You…….

You know all those cutesy, positive sayings such as “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well, when I hear those sayings, my reaction depends entirely on my mood and the drama in my life at the moment.

If it is a good day, I smile and think how wonderful it is to keep a positive attitude. If it is a bad day, I glare and find myself thinking…. “Hah—I don’t like lemonade. What a stupid and annoying thought that is” and other bla bla bla.

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Standing at Crossroads ……. and Trying to Make the Right Choice

Have you ever stood physically at a crossroad?

Perhaps you were driving and got lost (although with GPS that is less likely) and had to decide which way to turn. Making the right decision is important because if you make the wrong one, you could go miles out of your way. Even worse… once you realize your mistake, you may have to backtrack past the same countryside or traffic filled streets all the way back to where you started.

But some crossroads are not physical—they are life-decision crossroads.

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A New Year and A New Beginning

The base for this blog has always been my trying to write about living my life with faith and courage while looking for joy in small things and with that in mind, in spite of my heartache due to Don’s abrupt ending of our engagement, I included joy in last month’s post as I shared my outing with Lauren and Sean to find Nana’s perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree (bush).

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