Crazy Coincidences or God’s Plan—You Decide

January 2017 has found me in a place I never thought I would be—in a role I never thought I would have—and the circumstances have humbled me as I face the fact….. God is in control and He still dabbles some in my life—and I need to walk down the path He puts before me.

But first….. a story.

I am ashamed to admit this—I did something foolish recently.  I knew better….. but I still did it anyway.

The beginning of November found me sitting in my rocking chair in my renovated screen porch…cup of coffee in hand….. watching the birds flit back and forth to the bird feeders…. listening to the sounds of my pond’s waterfall…. and feeling very peaceful and content.

As I sat there, I could not help but reflect that a year ago, in November, I was dealing with the ramifications of my fiancé abruptly ending our engagement and walking out…taking his furniture with him and leaving me in a newly purchased and somewhat empty house. I no longer lived close to my friends or my church. It was a dark time both emotionally and financially.

But here I was a year later—I had completed 99.9% of my furniture purchases and house renovations. I had made a few friends ….. found a new church to attend…..  had created a home that my grandchildren love coming to.

As I sat in my rocking chair, I started thinking about 2017 and what I wanted to do. I finally had most of my ducks in a row. It was a good feeling.

And then I did something foolish….. I stated making plans for 2017.

Some of my plans revolved around seeing my grandchildren each week; going to lunch with my girlfriends; becoming more involved in my new church home….. but most importantly, I thought how nice it would be to sit on my porch every morning and read my devotionals and have time with God and basically, go quietly into the good night. After all, I had lived a life of mostly solitude this past year and had adjusted to the aloneness of my life.

That was my plan—a good plan—a decent plan….. but there was one small problem.

I was making all the choices …. by myself.

I forgot to ask God what He thought I should do.

And I am certain that God heard my quiet internal ramblings and shook His head and laughed and said to the angels “Tsk… tsk.  There goes Blondie again…trying to make plans. She thinks she is in control. She is such a slow learner.  Hmmmm…… Gabriel….. I think it is time to get the wheels in motion.”

Because a few days after I had come up with my “Go Quietly into the Good Night” plan, the Angel Gabriel put God’s plans in motion and I received an email. I had to pick myself off the floor after reading the email. The email was followed by other emails and phone conversations and then a job offer which was intriguing to say the least.

But saying yes to the offer meant my plan and my new path would change.

I spent the weekend talking to family members and praying and doing Bible Study ….. it would mean taking a risk… it would mean there would be some stress involved and the endless freedom I had become accustomed to would be lessened. Time management skills, of which I have had no need for this past year, would need to be dusted off and put into play.

And yet….. the offer was….. very interesting. I would be back working at Cobb County Government—and I felt that God’s hand was in this.

I realize that many would say this job offer was just a coincidence. There is no God and there is no plan. I can truly understand those thoughts.

But since 2004, the number of unbelievable “coincidences” that have occurred in my life dealing with Cobb County Government are mathematically impressive. To list just a few—there was the time I had dinner with my friend, Harveda, during which I told her I needed to find a job and her going home that night and her husband Virgil, who worked for Cobb County Government, saying he just that day got funding for a part-time position—and did she know anyone who needs a job.

Four weeks later I began the perfect job.  

In 2005, when I decided to look for a full-time job, what were the odds that a few weeks later Virgil’s full-time assistant would suddenly decide to move to California? It turns out that my part-time job was really training to prepare me for my full-time job.

For ten years, until I retired in March of 2015, I had the perfect job.

And now, almost 13 years after my initial dinner conversation with Harveda, what were the odds that I would once again be offered a perfect part-time job—at Cobb County Government? One where I could take the knowledge gained during my 10 years there and put them into use—where my technology skills and contacts would be of benefit—a job where I would find myself laughing in the midst of chaos and craziness.

The bottom line–I am now working two days a week for a newly elected Cobb County Government official—a man who has a strong vision for the county, a high level of integrity, and a sense of humor.  I also have the joy and pleasure of working with a woman who has been my mentor for over 10 years—a woman whom I greatly admire and respect.

The icing on the cake—it is in the same building where I worked before—so I have come home. My days of countless solitude are now punctuated with days of friendship and smiles.

I don’t know how all of this works—is God involved in all the details or does He just paint in broad strokes? But this much I do know….. I wrote in my August story about standing at a crossroad and wanting to find a community to belong to—I wrote: “For me, my choices have to be more than going to places where I am merely sitting and observing but needs to be a place where my hands are helping others—where we interact in a tangible way and where the strengths of mentoring and investing in each other are flowing freely in all directions.”

So, here I am…. In the perfect job…. a job I never sought but one that God literally dropped in my lap.



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