What’s Your Tagline?

How would you define who you are….. as a person….. or your basic life principles….. in just a few words? How would you define what guides you in your day to day choices?

In short, what is your tagline?

In the business or marketing world, a tagline should help your audience understand the bigger picture and encourage them to learn more about your business/website. It defines your brand—your business.

Last June, when I revamped my website, I had to come up with a short tagline—something that would define what this blog was about in very few words. Being a techy-sort of person, I googled “great website taglines” and came up with 3,820,000 results in .55 seconds.

A little overwhelming.

I did read some articles such as Effective Website Taglines: Getting the Message Across or “fun” articles such as 22 Companies with Really Catchy Slogans and Brand Taglines. I will confess when I was done, I was more confused than when I started.

 But upon further reflection, I realized that my tagline had already been written for me—it had been written many years ago by my mother.

I shared in my June story the memorable words my Father said to me. My mother also had several sayings, some of which I would like to forget she ever said to me….. such as “Your troubles are your own fault” and “You made your bed, now you lay in it”.

As much as I like to think I was a model child, these phrases lead me to believe that perhaps, on occasion, I could be a bit of a challenge.

But as I grew older and would talk with her about the discouraging national issues, she would say “I can’t do much about the world but I can brighten up my little corner of the world”.

I can remember standing with her in lines, such as the grocery store, and she would make small talk with the clerk or the person behind her and try to say something nice. I would be embarrassed that she was doing so and would wish she would quit talking. I would internally fume and think “Does she really need to be so friendly? I do not want to talk to these strangers.”

I know she must have been successful in brightening up her little corner because, after she died, my brother and I went to the bank to close out her account. I will never forget this. We sat at a desk with the bank teller and she asked whose account we were closing. When we said our mother’s name, the lady gasped and put her hand to her mouth.

I know why she did that….. because my mother would have, as she was standing in the bank teller line, said something nice to her. She tried to brighten that lady’s little corner of the world.

My mother always wanted to be a writer. She would occasionally attempt to write a story….. but she never found the time. I decided to take her statement and as a way to honor her and her memory, to shorten it and thus, my tagline “Stories to Brighten Your Corner of the World” was born.

But, what I have come to realize recently….. due to all the unexpected changes in my life….. is my tagline also defines who I am or, at least, whom I am striving to be. As a follower of Christ, I understand that His one commandment to us is to love others.

“Stories to Brighten Your Corner of the World” incorporates that thought….. it takes Christ’s statement of “Come to me you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest” and in a very small way, I am trying to give a person a few moments of rest…. to try to make them feel less weary…..to share and show love….. to be, in my day to day life, an example of someone who follows his command—a woman who tries to share ways to find joy and tries to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Sometimes I am successful and sometimes not. But I continue to try.

So, what is your tag line?  If you had to summarize….in just a few words…your approach to life….your relationships….what would it be?

Did you know you can Google “Creating a personal tagline” and you will find ideas and suggestions. (Note: there are less suggestions for this search—only 553,000 results!) One truly interesting article is Create Your Personal Brand Tagline by Ryan Hoten (http://ryanrhoten.com/personal-brand-tagline/).

Yet, the truth is… knowing who you are and what you stand for can sharpen and truly bring alive each individual moment in life—from glorious family/friend gatherings to the dull mundane moments that involve running errands.

This much I know….. I now stand in lines at grocery stores or other places and I look and I mean really look to actually see the clerk standing in front of me or the person behind me….. and I become my mother. I make an attempt to say something positive to them….. to brighten, if only for a few moments, their corner of the world.

And I would like to think that my mother sees my doing so and smiles.


 Anne G Filer—the original brightener of little corners of the world.

 Early 1950s


Before selfies, there were photo booths. My mother and her mother.


1976-Sneaking up


1999-With Chris


2003-Celebrating buying her new home


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