If These Walls Could Talk

Last month’s blog posting, The Joys of Lingering, shared the whirlwind of activities that have taken place over the previous four weeks which included buying a house.

Since that post, the tornado-style pace of my life has continued including closing on our new home on the 29th of September; selling my condo ( I close this Thursday the 29th of October); and the one million-zillion things that have to be done for both to happen including packing and moving.

Besides that, there was helping Don get his house ready to sell and a 5 day vacation trip to North Carolina that included attending the Goat Lady Dairy Farm dinner (yes, I said the Goat Lady Dairy Farm dinner—a unique and interesting evening!)

Let’s just say that there has been little time for lingering these last 4 weeks!

And on last Thursday, October 22, I found myself standing in my condo—the movers had just left and I was staring at shiny hardwood floors and blank walls and there was an echo rattling throughout the empty rooms.

I will confess as I stood there that I was overcome with emotion and tears just started running down my face. I walked through the empty rooms—saying thank you and telling them good-bye.

(So there will be no doubt, I will very quickly say that I am looking forward to my life with Don and to the new adventures waiting me!)

When I moved to “The Crossings at Burnt Hickory” on March 1, 2010, one year after my divorce I was a woman who had been shattered into a million pieces; who felt like a total loser; whose faith was weakened; who was bitter and very angry….. angry at my ex-husband; myself, and God.

Over these last 5 ½ years, these walls witnessed a transformation…..  going from bitter and angry and feeling like a failure to a woman whom truly enjoyed life and who found joy again.

So many of my writings and pictures have dealt with this transformation and joyful events….. the smoke detector alarm story…..  trying to cook a chicken on a beer can on a grill… my first sleepover with my grandchildren….family gatherings…getting ready for my trips to Europe….my wonderful “older” neighbors who inspired me with their outlook on life…. the burning of my angers and the deepening of my faith…. and of course, meeting the Gentleman Caller with Smiling Eyes.

But these walls and rooms also watched as I learned how to live alone….. the contentment that I felt as I embraced life quietly by myself—those moments sitting in my sunroom with a cup of coffee and enjoying the seasons outside my windows—the roses in the spring; fall leaves; the occasional snow; rainy days; and days of abundant sunshine.

It was during those moments of quiet solitude that I gained strength as I came to understand that God was with me and that His hand was still guiding me and my life.

There are times in life where you come to a crossroads… to a defining moment or a defining season. When you come to a crossroads in life, it may seem overwhelming and scary.  There may be many things you cannot change or control.

But you can control how you face the crossroads….. and your actions become a part of your legacy—your story.

The walls and rooms at my condo watched over me as I entered my crossroads season…. a season where I chose to fill my life with courage and laughter. They watched as I grew and changed into a woman who had self-confidence and pride—and who believed in herself.

They became more than merely rooms with furniture and walls on which I hung pictures. Instead they became the base on which I built many wonderful memories. They were no longer empty and sad rooms but were filled with joy and laughter and the warmth that comes from loving others.

And thus the tears—they were not tears of sadness but of appreciation for all the love and joy that these walls and rooms have seen and have been a part of. I will cherish those memories forever.

There is a saying  “Home is where the heart is” and my heart is now with a kind and generous man… who has smiling eyes… who makes me laugh and brings joy to my life. And with this man, comes new walls and new rooms.

I know these walls and rooms will soon be filled with love, laughter, and joy… and that the memories created here will be a part of a new story… one that I am looking forward to writing.

And one I will enjoy sharing with you.  


January 2010 Pre Renovations


January 2010 with John and Joseph Elliot


March 2010 My New Home


 June 2011 Getting Ready to go to Paris with Beasley


August 2012 Trying to grill a chicken on a beer can!  HA


April 2014 The only picture from The First Sleepover with my two grandchildren–it sums the evening up perfectly!


August 2015  Living Proof that Age is Merely a Number


October 2015  Leaving The Crossings…..If these walls could talk–they would have countless stories of love and laughter to share