The First Sleepover

Last week I had my first “sleepover” with BOTH grandchildren spending the night (Lauren age 4 ½ and Sean who will be 2 in May) and this month’s blog is about those adventures.

Many of you may remember that last April I attempted to take them both to dinner at a restaurant and I had to leave…. after quickly destroying the area around the table where we sat.  Thus, you can realize what a challenge a sleepover was for me. My son emailed me back when I suggested this idea and I quote ….. “A bold experiment for sure!”

Regarding the formatting and grammar below….. I have used a “run-on style” as it fits the evening!!

So, I pick Lauren and Sean up at 4:00 on Friday and take them to the condo where Gentleman Caller with Smiling Eyes (GCSE/September 2013) met me and we go to Gabriel’s where we have an early dinner of PBJ sandwiches and tried to not spill the milk and we had to buy some cookies for dessert to take with us and of course, you have to buckle each of them into their multiple-buckles-and-snaps-car-seat and thank God for GCSE who helped me with that and then we went to the park where we tried to wear them out and then rode back to the condo listening and singing to their special music I have on my iPhone (Eeensy Weensy Spider, Row Row Row Your Boat and similar).

I made the mistake of thinking they could sleep in the same room (my bedroom—only bedroom I have at condo) and put Sean in his Pac-n-Play and closed the door and then after 30 minutes I foolishly thought (as he was asleep) I could let Lauren sleep on her cot in my bedroom but 5-10 minutes after she lay down, Sean’s internal “big-sister-radar” kicked in and he woke up and got chatty and wanted to share his life story with her and then we had to move his Pac-n-Play to my guest bathroom as it is the only other room in my condo that has a door to it (other than the laundry hallway) and we also moved the white noise machine and shut the door and prayed that he would go back to sleep and then Lauren went back to her cot to go to sleep.


At that point, the GCSE and I tried to have a glass of a nice chilled white wine and some cheese and crackers while sitting on the sofa but 15 minutes later Lauren came out and was saying she could not sleep (and she should have been very tired as we ran her around the pond TWICE at the park) and then the GCSE decided it was time for him to go home (he is no fool) and Lauren and I crawled up in Nana’s big bed and read stories and got tucked in with all her animal friends and Cinderella Princess and Lauren went to sleep and I tried to put the condo back together and then I tried to sleep in my bed with her and I got to listen to Sean cough half the night from the guest bathroom and Lauren would kick me occasionally.

In the morning we had to find the cartoons on TV and I did not know what channels they were and I could not find a Cartoon Channel (need to research that for the future) but finally found a PBS cartoon (good enough) and then I packed the Pac-n-Play and her cot and all the clothes and stuff and we got all buckled back into the multiple-buckles-and-snaps-car-seats and while listening to more special music (I’m a Little Teapot Short and Stout as well as other songs such as the A-B-C-D-E-F-G-Alphabet Song—I know all the words now) we went to McDonalds’ for pancakes so we could also play on the playground.

When we got to the playground Lauren told me she was cold so all three of us had to walk back to the car to get the jackets and when we got back to the playground…. Lauren THEN told me she had to go to the bathroom so all three of us had to walk to bathroom and that was a very special time and then we walked back to the playground and we finally got to play BUT then I read that playground rules said you had to be 3 years old to play in the tunnel slides but I decided that Sean at age 22 months was big for his age so good enough BUT I would not let him crawl through ALL the slide tunnels as I feared I would lose him (which would be bad) so I decided to let he and Lauren go in the first tunnel/slide as I could crawl in there if I needed to and after a bit of play time, I decided they were still in one piece and no one was bleeding and I should quit while ahead and take them home.

Which I did and once again, we were singing more special music (The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round and Jesus Loves Me This I Know and so forth) and after I got them back to their home safely, I had them stand at their dining room window where we waved and I did The Goodbye Dance (January 2014) outside their window (also now known as the Thank-God-I-Survived-the-Sleepover Dance) and after that, I went to check on the GCSE and he still seemed to want to be around me…. So that was good. (He is either a very brave and kind man or, he is someone who relishes a challenge.)

My friends at work suggested I take a before and after photo of Nana and her Sleepover Adventure but I did not have any time to do that. So instead, see the one and only photo taken on Friday night.

I think it sums the evening up very nicely.


IMG_1305 (Large)