Scissors, Glue and Red Paper

Past readers know that I am creating a list of Nana’s Rules—modeled after Gibbs Rules on NCIS—for my grandchildren.

As noted in that blog, I wrote “When the day comes that I am no longer here, I would like to think that my grandchildren could be sitting around a table with their parents or friends and if an issue came up in conversation, they could say “hmmm.. Nana would say Rule #7” and everyone would know what it means. I want them to know what I stood for and the values that formed the core basis for my decisions.”

Rule #1 is simple yet all encompassing: Love One Another.  And I am always looking for ways to make that rule “alive and active” for my grandchildren. With that in mind, I decided I would help Lauren create a valentine to give to her parents and her brother Sean….. we would talk about love and showing love.  But in the process of teaching her, I also became the student.

You see, I had forgotten what magic can be created with a bit of red paper, a white paper doilie, glue, and scissors. Her joy was contagious as I set out the supplies as she was so very excited about making the valentine. I would trace a valentine and she would cut it out.

Once she had several valentines cut out, she glued them on the white lace doilie. She would tell me how much she loved her daddy, her mommy and Sean….. and I would remind her that they loved her very much also.

We then dropped by our favorite store, The Wren’s Nest, and purchased two magnet valentines to use when she put the valentine on her refrigerator at home. Of course, we had to also get the valentine cookies from Douceur de France where we had breakfast that day.

I was reminded of Rule #1 recently as I was watching on my DVR an episode of NCIS that I had not seen…and I was quite taken by the song playing at the end of the episode… “Nothing More” by the Alternate Routes. The words played over and over in my mind—such that I even looked it up on the internet to find a link to the song and the words.

In particular, the line in the song that goes: “We are love, we are one…..We are how we treat each other when the day is done”. And I could not but reflect that if we could keep that thought in the forefront of our lives, our relationships would be so much stronger.

It is how we treat each other that counts…. It is not what we think or how important we are or the things we get done on our checklist….. it is truly how we treat each other that defines who we are.

So, with that in mind…….. for your viewing pleasure: Nana’s Rule #1: Love One Another….. embellished with red paper, scissors and glue.


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