The Big Chicken

In my December post, I wrote about being a grandmother and how much I enjoy my special time with my granddaughter, Lauren. (

I have so many things I want to teach her…to share with her… and I want to create special memories. So, with that in mind, in that post I mentioned a city that I made for Lauren to play with when she is here……complete with buildings, cars, people, and other accessories. One of the more important accessories is a wooden replica of The Big Chicken, which is a local restaurant.

Now, for those who do not live near the greater Cobb County area, let me give you a bit of background courtesy of Wikipedia. “The restaurant was built in 1956 at 12 Cobb Parkway, located on the newly-constructed stretch of Highway 41, the first divided highway in Cobb County. Taking advantage of the prime location on the new and quicker route for travelers on U.S. 41, Johnny Reb’s Chick, Chuck and Shake owner S.R. “Tubby” Davis erected the 56-foot (17-meter) tall structure over his restaurant in 1963 as a method of advertising. Davis later sold it to his brother, and it became a franchise of KFC.

In January 1993, storm winds damaged the structure, and rather than tear it down KFC was forced by public outcry to re-erect the building. Among those who complained about the Big Chicken being torn down were pilots, who actually used the building as a reference point when approaching Atlanta and Dobbins Air Reserve Base. 

The new Big Chicken even includes the original design of beak and eyes which move. In early April 2006, the structure narrowly escaped a small eastward-moving nighttime tornado, which overturned a tractor-trailer at a retail center across the street, and damaged another building nearby.

The Big Chicken is commonly used as a landmark for driving directions. Locals will often include “make a [turn] at the Big Chicken”, or “it’s about x miles past the Big Chicken”.

So for all you Yahoos that think Cobb County does not have any culture……….. ‘nuff said.

Anyway, I decided it was time to introduce my granddaughter to one of Cobb County’s finest cultural experiences…. Ah yes, it was time to take her to dinner at The Big Chicken. So, last week, at the end of a very wonderful Nana day which included breakfast at the local French restaurant, Douceur de France; buying a magnet for Nana’s refrigerator from our favorite store (The Whimsical Nest); playing in the sand at Laurel park and making sand castles; lunch at Gabriel’s Desserts; nap time and playing with The City………….what could be more fitting than ending the day with dinner at The Big Chicken.

(Please notice…I did attempt to balance this happening with breakfast at Douceur de France….. we experienced both the highs and lows of culture.)

Lauren was quite impressed with the size of The Big Chicken and she thoroughly enjoyed her dinner. I will have to say that the chicken tenders were marvelous; the corn was divine and the potato wedges had the perfect amount of spice on them. Lauren enjoyed the outing very much and came home enlightened by her experience.

Grandchildren need a variety of experiences…her other grandparents take her to the beach and fishing and outings that I am certain have a certain degree of class and culture.

It is up to me to introduce her to the other side of culture. I am giving some thought to our April outing….how can I possibly top a chicken dinner at The Big Chicken?

Hmmmmmm… perhaps a field trip to see Goats on the Roof?  (

Ah yes, the joys of an ordinary life….which may include from time to time some extraordinary moments… due in part to a 56 foot tall chicken.


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