Two Monkeys… Three Sheets… What’s a Girl to Do?

In my attempt to live “my life out loud” (I do not know what that really means…I just like saying it) I keep trying to find new places to go to.

I was sharing this week with a friend my success at making my Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich (2012-10-15 The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich) and she told me about a place called “3 Sheets” where they have grilled cheese/wine tastings…..they serve several different grilled cheese sandwiches paired with a different wine. My ears immediately perked up when hearing that.

On the same day, I read an article in the Marietta Daily Journal about a local pub called Two Monkeys. It also sounded interesting….the menu looked good….they talked about their regulars and how they make friends with the diners…..I was visualizing a “Cheers” Bar sort of atmosphere. It is also close to my condo and within walking distance if need be. (And yes, some of you know why the comment “need be” is mentioned. Enough said.)

So, on Thursday night I was taking my after dinner walk and decided to walk to Two Monkeys. On the outside, it was not what I expected… tasteful wood or brick exterior in a nice shopping area.

Instead, it is at the end of a skinny small strip shopping area—with a bright yellow neon sign with white Christmas type lights around it…next to a Comic Book and Collectibles store that had headstones and Rest in Peace signs in the small grassy area in front of it.

I lost my nerve to check it out further and walked home.

So, I then decided to look up 3 Sheets only to discover that it is called {three} sheets and is a very trendy bar/restaurant in Sandy Springs. Several times a year, they do have the grilled cheese and wine tasting dinners (you have to make reservations) and also have other events such as the upcoming Halloween Costume party. It looked very sophisticated.

So, I did what any smart mother would do …. I emailed Chris and Allie about {three} sheets to see if they have any knowledge of it. Chris works in the Perimeter area and they also know about trendy places.

A back and forth email conversation ensued with Chris with comments such as it does look trendy and trendy is good and then he told me I could sit at the bar and strike up a conversation. I then responded that I have NEVER in my life gone to a bar and struck up a conversation………  (actually, the truth is that I have NEVER gone to a bar and even sat there by myself and had something to eat.)  And at that point I also told Chris about Two Monkeys and emailed him the pictures I had taken of the outside.

My oh-so-fabulous son with his sense of humor and wisdom responded as such:  “First of all you can strike up a conversation w/ a door knob.  I’ve seen you do it first hand.  So where you are doing it at really means nothing.  And I didn’t say strike up a conversation w/ someone you were sitting next to at the bar, i say the bartender.  Who is paid to, among other things, make conversation with you and is happy to do so.  So go, ask what’s good, how long they have been around, etc.  Then lead that into heard about the grill cheese thing, and find out more.  Boom done.

Secondly did you post a picture of the two monkees without going in there?  At least pop in and check out the beer selection.  You never know.”

Hmmmm………..his assessment of his mother is that I can strike up a conversation with a DOOR KNOB and he has seen me do it!!!!!   I will have to work on living “my life Not Quite So out loud”around him. (I obviously need to be more subtle the next time I am talking to a door knob.) 

And yes, he was correct………..I was judging the book by the cover by not going into Two Monkeys.

So today I took care of that. I decided to go to Two Monkeys for a late lunch (1:30 PM).  I gave some thought to my attire and settled on boots, jeans, black turtleneck and red sweater (red and black being University of Georgia colors—thought I should not wear Florida’s orange and blue.)

I wished I had something to take to read that would be appropriate…I thought my travel book on France would not do but as I do not have any deer hunting magazines I settled on taking a Food magazine.

When I drove up, I noticed there were only a few cars in the parking lot unlike the other night but then as this is early in the afternoon for a pub, that should not really be a surprise.

When I walked into Two Monkeys, I immediately saw a small bar to the right at which there were probably 5 or 6 men sitting around; there were 5-6 tables in front of me at which there was one man seated and there is a pool table area to the left. It is a very small place. They all seemed to stop talking when I came in and just kind of looked at me (although that could just be my imagination).

I lost my nerve at that point……… talking about feeling like a fish out of water……….. I would have turned and walked out if I had not already taken two steps inside. I immediately gravitated to the first table to the left (no way would I have the courage to go sit at the bar) and put my purse down and started looking at the football game on the big screen TV.

The man at the table near to me said something and I commented about the game that was on and he asked me what game would like I to see and I muttered something about the Georgia game later and he said he thought so.

I am wondering to myself….. would they bring me a menu? Or, do I go over to the bar and order? Just what is the proper procedure here and is there ANY WAY I CAN GRACEFULLY LEAVE  without appearing rude?

Just then the bartender (Mike) comes over………..turns out they do not start fixing the “hot” food until later but he was very nice and gracious and said he could fix me a turkey club and a pasta salad. He also wanted to know what beer I would like.

augghhgghghgh…….Fortunately, I have had enough lessons from Chris that I listened to Mike’s choices and then picked a Yuengling on Draft (are you proud of me Chris??)

I mentioned that I had seen the article in the newspaper and I told him it was my first time there. He was very nice and friendly. They have poker nights and trivia nights and have special entrees dinners on Friday night beginning at 6 PM. He also said they truly have a “Cheers Bar” camaraderie with those that come there.

I will have to say that the sandwich and pasta salad were good. I could not finish the sandwich (there was a lot of food) so that gave me an excuse to walk over to the bar to get a to-go box. At that point there were probably 10 men at the bar and I was still the only woman customer.

Can we say feeling like a FISH OUT OF WATER one more time?????????????

Mike and I chatted a bit more and then on my way out, one of the men at the table asked me if I liked my sandwich and we chatted a few minutes before I left. The truth is that this little pub does have some charm and I will go back sometime… maybe on one of the Friday night dinner specials.

As I headed home, I burst into laughter and found myself laughing all the way home. And by “laughing” I do not mean little “hee hee hee” laughter but instead loud bursts of laughter as I re-lived how stupid I felt when I walked into the pub………. Laughter that would just come from the gut and catch me unawares as the memory floated back into my mind.

Tonight I babysat Lauren and Sean and still found on my way home the memory of my entering the pub evoking the same kind of laughter.

I started this post by saying I am trying to live “my life out loud” (whatever that means) but I do know this………  I am living my life and LAUGHING out loud while doing it…….. and that is making all the difference.


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