The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Italy (Italy!! 4 days and Counting—Getting Ready) where I had wonderful meals of pasta, pizza, and wine. I have developed a strong love for basil, olive oil and white cheeses.

With all that in mind, I decided to try to create the perfect “Italian” grilled cheese sandwich and was fairly successful in doing so last night. I sent an email to my son and his wife sharing my success and I received an email back from Chris saying,   “No picture? Inexcusable.”

I love my son and his sense of humor……he keeps his mother on her toes. I realized that in my haste to send him my good news I had missed a golden opportunity ……. a chance to share the “new and improved” Janet via pictures.  I was actually able to cook something that did not create the need for a fire extinguisher and this information could change my current culinary reputation…….going from a woman who is dangerous with charcoal (2012-08-26 Beer Can Chicken) ) to a woman who can cook something Italian-ish.

Thus, you will find below my “recipe” for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich as well as pictures. (This means, of course, that I had to re-create the sandwich again tonight but I was willing to make that great sacrifice just for you, dear reader.)

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • Buy a loaf of White Mountain Bread from Publix, some fresh basil, olive oil and various white cheeses (such as Brie, Fontina, “fresh” Mozzarella–as in the kind in a ball).
  • Sauté two basil leaves in one to two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Slice the cheeses very thinly and layer on the bread
  • Brown the sandwich on one side. When you turn the sandwich over, tuck the sautéed basil leaves inside the sandwich. Finish browning the sandwich, turning as needed until golden brown and the cheese is melted.

Serve with a Moscato Wine Cocktail. (Fill wine glass with crushed ice; Add some Moscato Wine; then tonic water; a little more wine and end with a squirt of lime juice. At the restaurant, they also add mint leaves to make it beautiful……but let’s not get too carried away here!!)

Simple yet delizioso!! Perhaps if I ever do have a gentleman caller, this is something I could fix for him as there would be small risk of my setting off the smoke alarm and/or no need to call the fire department.



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