A New Chapter

Those that are close to me are aware that I have a “theme” for my life…..and it goes like this: “each of us is writing the story of our life…we want it to be a good story…one that we can share with family and friends….that our choices and decisions need to be such that, when we share the story of our life with others,  we would not have to leave out too many pages or chapters…..and that we want it to be a story that we can tell with pride.”

The story I have written these last 8+ years is certainly not the one I envisioned I would be writing but I can say with great certainty that I am proud of most of the chapters. As with any story, I would certainly like to edit a few of the pages….. but there are not any that I feel I could not share with others or would have to leave out.

But as with many stories, sometimes chapters end and new ones begin. Thus is the case now. Virgil Moon, my boss since June of 2004, retired Friday September 28th after 30+ years of service to Cobb County Government and will begin work on Monday October 1st for the Cobb and Douglas Public Health.

I truly believe that my working for Virgil was a God-directed happening from the “random” conversation that led to my working for him as a part-time assistant in June 2004 to the “unexpected” opportunity in March of 2005 to work for him as his full-time administrative assistant.

There are many things that make a working relationship a strong one…..such as mutual respect, appreciation, honesty, humor. All of these existed in our working relationship. He also trusted me with projects that allowed me to grow as an administrative assistant.

I will always appreciate his confidence in me…his allowing me to express my thoughts and opinions….the humor and laughter that existed in our office.

I have no idea how this next chapter of my life will read….who I will work for…..what challenges lie ahead. But I do know that I am blessed to have a “professional-working- relationship” foundation that was built truly from the ground up and which will form the cornerstone for my next working relationship.

I look forward this to new chapter as I carry the knowledge, strengths and stories from the last chapter with me.


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