The Jeep DVD Player

So I am driving to work on Thursday and I go over the railroad tracks which are a bit on the bumpy side and then I hear this loud WHAP sound. I normally do not hear a WHAP sound when I go over the railroad tracks.

I buy (for our office) these large containers of Maxwell Coffee at our local CostCo—Virgil loves his coffee and he likes it “fresh” so we can go through a lot of containers of coffee.  So, I start thinking “hmmmm, did I take all of those coffees out of my trunk?”

Just as I get to the stoplight, I look in my rearview mirror and I realize that there is SOMETHING SWINGING BACK AND FORTH BEHIND ME.


I turn around and………… DVD player that was installed in the ceiling of my Jeep had fallen down and was swinging wildly back and forth on a small electrical cord. Not only that, but it was pulling my car ceiling (right word?) down and there was a cord now visible through my moon roof opening.


I try to drive down the road with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand trying to stabilize the swinging DVD player so it will not hit me in the head and/or not tear down the  inside ceiling of the car. I manage to get inside the parking deck without crashing into anything and I assess the situation.

Once again I am dealing with wires (as in 2012-07-15 Smoke Alarms and Grills) but my wire skills have improved as I was able to pull the wire through my moon roof opening; find the clip and pull the swinging DVD player down from the roof. It appears that there should be 4 screws coming from it and I see only 1.  Of course, they could be rolling somewhere underneath my seat.

The irony of all of this is that when I bought my new Jeep in January, I got the DVD player as I am planning on having this car for 10+ years and I have these wonderful ideas about taking Lauren and Sean on “Adventures with Nana”…I want to take them to Chattanooga and to “See Rock City” and Lookout Mountain and I thought having a DVD player would be a good idea.

Of course, the reality is that by the time they are old enough to go, DVDs will probably be extinct. I should have thought this through more carefully.

So for now, the DVD player is now riding in the backseat between my two child car seats (one for Lauren and one for Sean). As per the lessons learned in 2012-04-04 The Car Seat, now that I have these properly installed, I am never going to take the car seats out.

It does look a bit odd–a hole in my car ceiling and a DVD player sitting upside down between two car seats.

But as long as no other car parts start falling off, then all is good……….for now.


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