Smoke Alarms and Grills

Well this has been quite the day–from early morning to the end of the day…I have 2 adventures to share.  And as it is almost midnight, it has also been a long day.

AT 2 AM this morning I was awakened by a loud alarm—I jumped up in the pitch blackness and fumbled around trying to turn the light on–once I did so, the sound went away.  I had no idea what it was….was it the security alarm but why did it go off and why did it then stop???  And I did not remember that it sounded like that.

I peaked around at all my windows and it seemed ok and my alarm light was still active so I just said “what the heck” and went back to bed.

5 minutes later the silence exploded with the sound again and lo and behold, I realize it is my smoke detector….there is a light flashing on it. I get my ladder from the garage and drag it over and climb up it and press a magic button which turns off the horrid sound and the light goes from blinking green to solid green.

Now what?

I try to take the alarm off the ceiling and find it is attached with all these wires.  So I do what any techie-woman would do………I Google how to change battery in smoke detector. I learn many things.

  •  I should be testing the battery every week by pressing the test button (yeah, right-o)
  •  I should change the battery every 6 months. (Hmmm, I have been here 2 years and never changed the battery.  Ooops. Hmmm, I lived at Lost Creek for 21 years and never changed a battery. That probably explains the red light that I saw on the outside of the smoke detector.)
  • I probably need a 9 volt battery (of course, I have every battery known to man in my closet EXCEPT a 9 volt battery.)
  • I watch the on-line demos of how to change the battery for my kind of detector, and it involved screwing off the base and then pulling the wires out to detach. You then pop open the cover and insert the battery. They did it so easily in the video. (Just like the videos for installing a child’s car seat. I hate videos.)

I dutifully climb back up my ladder and try to pull the wires out but they will not snap out easily. I go to the garage (now it is a flipping 2:30 AM mind you) and get my screw driver and try to pry the plug off but it does not come out and I am a bit nervous being here all by myself that I am doing something that I should not do and could accidently electrocute myself so I quit.

I crawl into bed and ask God to please not let the alarm go off again.

Do you know how hard it is to go back to sleep wondering if any second the silence will be interrupted by a loud screeching alarm?

I finally get back to sleep and started my day at 6:30 AM with an hour walk up a trail at the Kennesaw Park and then shower and on to Sunday School. I had emailed Virgil and asked if he would have any time today to help me with this. When I got home from Sunday School, he called me and was able to come over.

I felt a bit better as he had a slight problem (as in 5 seconds) getting the plug out also but he was able to do so—I just needed to push harder with the screwdriver.

Then he asked me where my other alarms were.

OTHER alarms? You mean I have more than one?


Sure enough, I have one more. We changed the battery in that one too.

I will make a reoccurring note in my calendar that every July 1 and December 1st I will change the batteries.

The rest of the day was uneventful until tonight….as I had planned tonight to put my new Weber Charcoal Grill together.

I know, I know—all of you on this list are thinking……What? A grill? WHAT? She does not cook anymore and she is dangerous with fire.

But see, I am always trying to find ways to bond with my family—and especially with Chris and Allison. They are nice sophisticated and reserved individuals–a bit on the proper side at times and I am…………well…………..I am me.

But they like to cook so I had made some comments about thinking about getting a grill and I liked charcoal and so forth…..and I had mentioned this a couple of times and had thought about maybe a small hibachi grill (if they still made those) but then I do not have an outside table to put a hibachi grill on and that is an issue so I sent Chris this email asking about Weber grills and over a very short period of time, I get these wonderfully helpful emails back with

  • Links to 3 or 4 different grills with comments on what I should purchase
  • Link to a Rapidfire Chimney starter (whatever that is)
  • links to recipes that I could try
  • and comments that he and Allie had chatted about this and that I could also write a humorous blog about my experiences
  • and then another email that 4th of July was coming and had I ordered a grill yet.

So I went and looked at grills and I was trying to envision my little itty-bitty chicken breast on this big ol grill but Chris said I could cook on Sunday an entire week’s worth of meals (hmm–2 itty bitty chicken breasts??) and that did sound good.

I had truly hoped that by now I might have perhaps might a nice gentleman caller with smiling eyes that would want to cook for me but as that has not happened, perhaps I need to be prepared to accept the fact that the nice gentleman caller is looking for a woman who wants to cook for him so perhaps I need to learn how to master some grilling techniques!

So tonight I attempted to put the grill together. The photos document my progress.

All I have to say is that life is such an adventure for me!

Have a good week.


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