The Car Seat

Last week I took Thursday off for a “Nana Day”. I had decided to get a car seat for Lauren as who knows what the needs will be down the road with grandchild number 2 and it SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA at the time to get my own car seat to have at home.

So on Wednesday night I decided to take the car seat out of the box and put it in the car. I spent the next 1.5 HOURS trying to figure out how to put it together and get the car seat into my car.

yes, 1.5 hours

It turns out there are all these steps—adjusting the harness straps; the snap strap; and then the latch systems for the car–and of course, getting it out of the very big box.

First, I tried reading the small print book—aughghghghgh and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So then I go online and watch the videos—they make it so simple—just pull the strap and it slides —-but not mine, I push the lock and tug and tug and the strap does not budge—or I can’t find the hole opening—and then I am twisting around in the car–sweat running down my face trying to push the latch connector in—the person in the video just presses gently and snap–there it goes in……………but not me, I push and shove and no snap—my back is getting twisted………I felt a headache developing.

I finally get it in and THEN I realize must have missed a step as the harness straps are just too tight—–Lauren would have to be as small as Mr. Andy doll to have this harness strap so it could buckle but I CANNOT FIND ANY WAY TO MAKE IT A LONGER STRAP.

So I finally emailed my son Chris and told him I was bringing it in the morning and he would have to help his clueless mom.

Whose idea was this anyway???

 oh yeah, mine

So, anyway, I had bought for Easter for Lauren 3 very small chocolate bunnies. I just snapped that night after all that effort and I heard a bunny calling me.

End result…………………oh look….. there are now 2 bunnies in the box…….not 3.

And then I went to bed……..

I do want you all to know that I knew that I could have gone to the fire station or the safety village and have some nice kind fire person show me about car seats and I had planned on doing that…..but I never made it….and after all, I said to myself, “I am the woman who went to England by herself–drove on the left side of the road while sitting on the right side of the car.. navigated subways….went to Paris with a limited French vocabulary of “I would that pastry please” and “I do not speak French you speak English please” and I managed quite well.

So I reasoned ……….. how hard can this be?

Interesting that I can navigate Europe solo but a child’s car seat brings me to my knees.

Anyway, I get to Chris’ on Thursday morning and he immediately pressed this hidden lever (which my brain now vaguely remembers from Video 1a) and voila, the straps lengthen. I will say that I could then snap (with a tad of effort) the seat into my car and we were ready to roll. We had a great Nana day and I returned her to her family Thursday night in one piece.

And on another note I did not have the courage to take the car seat OUT of the car until Saturday. It is now in its box in my garage……….and it will stay there until I screw up enough courage to try to put it back in the car.